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Imagine having the beautiful yard you've always wanted. Before the Lawn or Shrub Care Program begins, we offer a Free 15-step Lawn or Shrub Analysis and Price Quote to ensure that you receive the right services for your landscape. Don’t let someone, hundreds of miles away in a call center, decide what is the appropriate service plan for your lawn and landscape.

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The Regular Lawn Care Program
A Lawn Care Program Designed To Supply A Lawn's Regular needs.

The Master Lawns, REGULAR LAWN CARE PROGRAM consisting of Five Treatments is designed to satisfy the regular needs of your lawn. When receiving the full program, service calls in-between regular treatments are done without charge.
SPRING TREATMENT #1 (April - June)
  • Balanced Fertilization with a High Percentage of Slow Release, Nitrogen, and Potassium
  • Crabgrass Pre-Emergent Control
  • Broadleaf Weed Control, spot spray
  • Fertilization with a High Percentage of Slow Release Nitrogen
  • Preventative Surface Insect Control
  • Broadleaf Weed Control, spot spray
GRUB CONTROL TREATMENT #3 (July - September)
  • Grubicide applied to sunny lawn areas prone to grub infestation This material will not leach out with heavy rains and does not tie-up in thatch, getting dependable results
  • Broadleaf Weed Control, spot spray
LATE SUMMER TREATMENT #4(August - October)
  • Balanced Fertilization with a High Percentage of Slow Release Nitrogen, and Potassium
  • Broadleaf Weed Control, spot spray
  • Preventative Surface Insect Control
FALL TREATMENT #5 (October - November)
  • Special, Heavy Rate, Balanced Fertilization of Nitrogen, and Extra Potassium designed to encourage strong root development and enable the grass plant to rebuild its food reserves
  • Spot spraying of cool season Broadleaf Weeds
Lawns needing Reseeding, Core Aeration, Fungicides, Blanket Weed Control, Liming, etc. will require an additional service or supplemental work. These special treatments are NOT INCLUDED in our Regular Care Program. We may recommend performing optional services to enhance the lawns overall quality. We will not perform any additional services without your approval. We always welcome your input.

At Master Lawns, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of Turf and Plant Environment Management (P.E.M.), an Environmentally Friendly approach to lawn care.
Example prices:
¼ acre Home lot Approximately $ 360.00 per year plus tax

½ acre Home lot Approximately $ 500.00 per year plus tax
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What clients think of us:
"It is going fantastic. They are responsive, professional, and listen to their customers. Much better than the service I used last year."

- William D., Scarsdale

"Our grass was in bad shape so we decided to let a professional get it back to what it should be. They were very responsive. They sent someone out who explained what should be done as well as what would be a waste of money at this point. The lawn looks much better than before and I'm hoping even better come spring!"

- Gina D., White Plains