Benefits of Liming your Lawn
  • Soil in Westchester is naturally acidic. A lime application will help neutralize the acids.
  • It sweetens your soil by raising pH and adding calcium.
  • It enables the grass to absorb more nutrients from the fertilizer we apply.
  • These nutrients become more available when the pH is in the neutral range.
  • It increases bacterial activity that builds a healthy system to combat disease, weeds, fungus and insects.
  • As the nutrients become less available, the lawn’s color, vigor, and ability to resist (or recover from) heat, drought, or traffic stress will be reduced.
  • Helps develop a lush perennial lawn that can withstand cold winter weather. If the pH of a lawn is below 5.5, most plants will not grow well no matter how much fertilizer you add.
  • Master Lawns recommends and application of 20lbs per 1,000 square feet of pelletized lime ever 2-3 years to keep the pH of the soil at an optimal level.